About Us

Pharmaceutical ingredient solutions for all your needs

We can provide a direct linkage from our stock

(Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Excipients and Natural Extracts), to the human health and pharmaceutical industry needs. This one-stop shopping for our customers, is what set us apart from the rest of our competitors.

E.K. Umbas

Founder of PT Signa Husada


Our History

Having an Excellent start with long experiences in pharmaceutical business, E.K. Umbas founded the embryo of PT. SIGNA HUSADA, Apotik Kedoya, a simple dispensary drug store in September 1987, and start to establish PT. SIGNA HUSADA in 1991. 

It is our commitment to place quality as our first priority. Based on our long proven years of experiences, we successfully maintain our logistic in an efficient operation. These are part of our commitment for total quality services to our customer's satisfaction :

  1. Operational Service, to provide continual product supply.
  2. Quality Service, to assure the material supplied is in accordance with the most international Pharmacopoeia's requirements from qualified suppliers/manufacturer.
  3. Technical Service, to provide customers with the latest product know how, formulation and scientific technical support.

"Quality medicines start from quality pharmaceutical ingredients and excipients"

Our sales has become more proactive than ever

In the last few years, our sales has become more proactive than ever, but the nature of our relationship with customers remains the same. Supported by our product development team whom understand and provide prompt and personal attention on our customer's needs. We take great pride in our open and transparent way of doing business. We consider pharmaceutical product as a very vital issue in human healthcare.

Our Vision

Be a leading and reliable distributor of health and cosmetics ingredients by continuous quality commitment and innovation for national and global markets

Our Mission

To serve and distribute the best quality of pharmaceutical, natural extracts, and cosmetic ingredients to support all pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and personal care industries for producing the best quality products


We provide the best quality service for customer satisfaction

Operational Service

we provide a continuous supply of products.

Quality Service

we assure all materials are from qualified suppliers/manufacturer.

Technical Service

we provide information about the latest products, formulations, and technical support


Business Philosophy

Not just to accelerate our business growth, but we are dedicated to contributing to our principals to be able supply the best pharmaceuticals raw materials to help our customers to achieve their best production standards in order to support our public health, related to the prosperity and welfare of our nation and the standard of living of our employees as well.